Does Invisalign Help with Teeth Grinding?

Does Invisalign Help with Teeth Grinding

When the bite and teeth are not properly aligned, an uneven amount of pressure is applied to the biting surfaces of the teeth. This unequal pressure will cause the teeth to misalign and may even irritate the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is responsible for jaw movement. All of these are potential contributors to the grinding of one’s teeth.

Some individuals hold the misconception that Invisalign is merely a cosmetic procedure; however, this is not the case. This orthodontic appliance has various applications, including the correction of specific bite and jaw disorders that might contribute to oral health concerns. While it is true that Invisalign can provide patients with straighter teeth for an improved appearance, this orthodontic appliance also has many other benefits.

What is Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism is the condition that occurs when a person grinds or clenches their teeth at other times than while they are chewing. It happens most frequently while a person is sleeping, although it can also occur while awake. Most of the time, a person isn’t even consciously aware that they are engaging in the behavior.

The act of teeth grinding is characterized by a chewing motion in which the teeth brush against one another. A person is said to be clenching their teeth when they bring their front teeth together and clench their jaw muscles without moving them back and forth.

If you grind your teeth regularly, you risk damaging them, making them loose, or perhaps losing them altogether. It’s possible that the constant grinding will wear teeth down to stumps. When anything like this takes place, you may require dental work such as bridges, crowns, root canals, implants, partial dentures, or even full dentures.

Not only may grinding your teeth to the point of serious damage cause you to lose them, but it can also alter your jaws, create or worsen TMD/TMJ, and even change how your face looks.

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Common Causes of Teeth Grinding

Grinding one’s teeth is primarily caused by the teeth and jaw being misaligned with one another. Your teeth are subjected to pressure that is not distributed evenly across their surfaces, which results in needless tension in your joints. The good news is that Invisalign treatment has been shown to be effective in treating this form of tooth grinding.

There are, on the other hand, a variety of additional explanations for why people clench or grind their teeth. Stress is the second most common factor that contributes to teeth grinding. When people are under a significant amount of pressure, they are more likely to clench their jaws and grind their teeth. Most of the time, there are no warning signs prior to the onset of these behaviors. Unfortunately, Invisalign will not be able to help immediately with this type of grinding.

Even though using Invisalign won’t stop you from grinding your teeth at night due to stress, it does have a few advantages. It is less probable that you will clench or grind your teeth because there is a physical barrier between your teeth. In addition, the transparent aligners shield the exposed surfaces of your teeth whenever you clench or grind your teeth. In this approach, it may be possible to reduce the frequency of this dangerous behavior.

How Invisalign Can Fix Teeth Grinding?

Clear aligners from Invisalign are created from a material called SmartTrack, which is a flexible plastic. Invisalign treatment helps minimize or eliminate jaw pain, bruxism, and teeth grinding. People who are guilty of teeth grinding frequently ponder the question of whether or not they are candidates for Invisalign treatment. People who grind their teeth typically have one primary concern: whether or not their grinding may damage their aligners.  

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To address the first concern, the majority of teeth-grinders can receive treatment with Invisalign. However, Invisalign may not be an option for you if you have to wear a night guard or splint owing to teeth grinding or clenching. 

During the course of their treatment, patients are required to wear their Invisalign aligners for a suggested 20-22 hours per day; therefore, if you are required to wear a night guard or splint, it is possible that you will not be qualified for Invisalign. Have a conversation with your orthodontist first before completely giving up on the procedure.

Clear aligners could help with a mild grinding problem by acting as a protective barrier like a night guard would. However, clear aligners could potentially wear down quickly from excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth. 

Because patients typically wear each set of aligners for around two weeks, so this is not nearly as much of an issue as you think. Even if your teeth clenching and grinding causes one set of aligners to become worn out before it is time for you to move on to the next pair, your Invisalign orthodontist can order a replacement set for you easily.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Treatment?

The Invisalign treatment is ideal for people with problems with teeth grinding due to improper alignment of their teeth. Even though it was first marketed to adults, Invisalign has quickly become one of the most sought-after dental services among young adults and teenagers.

Your consistent use of your transparent aligner trays is the most vital aspect of your Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is not the best treatment option for you if you cannot commit to following your treatment plan.

Consultation with Kumra Orthodontics is the most effective method for determining whether or not you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment. The relentless grinding of teeth can be successfully treated with Invisalign in many cases involving adult patients.

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Consult with Kumra Orthodontics to learn more about Invisalign for teeth grinding

Invisalign has been known to correct various cosmetic and otherwise dental issues. If you struggle with teeth grinding or any other misaligned teeth-related issue, consult with Kumra Orthodontics to see if Invisalign can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. We have helped many individuals experience relief from their alignment-based dental problems, and we would be more than happy to help you get your beautiful smile.