What are Invisalign Refinements and Why Do You Need Them?


Several new trays will be sent to you at various intervals during your Invisalign treatment. Changing out your trays once every week to two will most likely be recommended by your orthodontist. These brand-new sets are intended to assist in progressively repositioning your teeth into an alignment that is straighter and more visually pleasing to the eye. The course of treatment may seem drawn out and laborious, but rest assured that all of your efforts will be well rewarded.

Discovering that you require refinements can be a stressful experience; nonetheless, adding these trays will finally assist you in achieving the smile that you have always desired. Find out more about these additional trays and how they can affect your aligner treatment plan right now by learning more about them.

What are Invisalign Refinements?

Refinements for Invisalign are minute adjustments that will need to be made to your aligners by your dentist while you are undergoing treatment. When the teeth are not being aligned properly, or the gaps between the teeth are not being closed as planned, it may be necessary to make adjustments.

Checkups at certain intervals are necessary because, for this reason, your dentist will examine your teeth and determine whether any additional adjustments are required.

The full course of treatment with Invisalign normally takes between 12 and 18 months to finish. During this phase, you must keep your aligners in your mouth for at least 20 to 22 hours per day, clean them consistently, and replace your trays at the prescribed intervals. However, even after making all of this effort, you might still require some modifications.

If we lived in an ideal world, every one of your teeth would naturally shift into the appropriate position. On the other hand, this is not the case for most patients. Your orthodontist might need to provide additional sets of aligners if they find that your teeth aren’t shifting in the way they should.

How do Invisalign Refinements Work?

Refinement aligners are identical to the regular Invisalign trays, except that they are fabricated according to your specific needs throughout the treatment process. Because these digitally produced aligners are created based on molds of your teeth, a specific treatment plan may be tailored to the needs of each patient.

The set of aligners you receive each has a shape that is distinguishable from the others in a very tiny way, and each aligner serves a specific function. Each aligner is made to exert the exact amount of pressure on the teeth required to shift and reposition the alignment of your teeth into their ideal position. The aligners used for Invisalign need to be switched out every two to three weeks, as directed by your dentist.

When you go in for a new set of aligners at our dental office, your dentist will examine the development of your teeth at each appointment. As a result of the fact that each patient and their smile is unique and responds differently to the Invisalign treatment, changes may need to be made along the way to guarantee that the greatest results are obtained.

Following the exact prescription of our smile plan is the best method to stay on track and avoid the need for mid-course corrections during treatment or post-treatment adjustments.

If your teeth are not shifting into the desired position on the schedule of your visits, then your dentist may propose and recommend that it is necessary to add refinements to your treatment. These additions can be made if your teeth are not shifting into the desired position on the schedule of your visits. 

Every patient’s situation is unique. However, adding refinement aligners to an existing smile plan normally adds extra months to the total treatment time.

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Why Do I Need Refinements?

Even while this is not the case for all individuals, certain -patients will have the easiest time with their treatments. Simply adhering to the plan is not sufficient treatment for many people.

According to most dental practitioners, 80–90% of the improvements targeted by Invisalign will be achieved. In most circumstances, a further modification will be necessary to reach the final 20% of the goal. Refinements will only be crucial if your teeth do not respond appropriately to treatment according to your digital treatment plan. 

Because, as was indicated earlier, it is not always necessary, you need to maintain a schedule that is up to date with all of your appointments. 

What is the Process for Getting Invisalign Refinements?

If your Invisalign doctor determines that you still require adjustments after the course of your refinement treatment has been completed, they will first examine your teeth. After that, they will use the iTero 3D scanner to rescan your teeth and bite to formulate an improvement strategy.

Following an examination of your situation, either your dentist or your orthodontist will provide you with information regarding the financial implications of any necessary refinement treatment.

After this, Invisalign refinement trays will be sent to you to assist with the gradual straightening of any teeth that still need to be aligned, as well as the closing of any gaps that are still apparent. The amount of refinement aligners you require is wholly determined by the specifics of your orthodontic situation and the number of adjustments that are called for.

Patients have reported that their bite feels different, which may require some time to adjust to, and that they experience a spike in their pain level at the beginning of each tray cycle. It’s also a positive indicator if you’re experiencing some pain and discomfort, particularly in the first few days of a new tray cycle.

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