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Kumra Orthodontics is committed to cultivating a culture of trust and dedication among its patients. In recognition that your smile is a direct reflection of our practice, we pledge to maintain the highest levels of competence and professionalism.

We are committed to providing patients with the best possible care. Your feedback is extremely valuable in helping us improve our services.

Here are some of the best reviews we’ve collected from our review sites for 2023.

Top 20 Reviews from Yelp and Google Maps for 2023

★★★★★ By CJ Rose from Google Maps

I have to leave a review — I have had many bad experiences with dental professionals in the past and was THRILLED with the honesty and professionalism of the team at Kumra. I had braces 15 years ago and wanted to come in for some minor corrective aligning. Dr. Mina gave me an honest recommendation not to go forward with that (it could cause more serious issues than it would be correcting based on my particular bite and teeth) and to instead create a retainer — she could have made a lot more money off of me than she was ethically willing to and I very much appreciate that.

★★★★★ By Janice G. from Yelp

I love Kumra Orthodontics. We all understand that Orthodontics can be expensive and isn’t always covered by our dental insurance. Kumra works with me and is assisting me in achieving the goal for my teeth.
They are very thorough and passionate about their clients. They check in on me and bring me in whenever I have discomfort. I could not speak more highly of the ENTIRE Kumra staff.
The handle me with great care and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a more beautiful smile!

★★★★★ By Mary-Sanford A. from Yelp

Nothing but wonderful things to say about this business. My dentist messed up my Invisalign and the Kumra team saved the day! My teeth are straight and have never looked better thanks to them! The staff and doctors are professional and kind. The office is very clean and accessible. Definitely go here for orthodontic treatment!

★★★★★ By Shabnam N. from Yelp

I went to Kumra Orthodontics DC office as I wanted to fix an imperfection and was beyond pleased to get braces from Dr. Mina Abdolahi! Both Dr. Kumra and Dr. Mina go above and beyond to ensure that I am comfortable, pain free and always smiling at every appointment. The Doctors and staff take pride in their work and they greet you with smiles and always brighten my day after leaving their office. Dr. Mina is extremely careful, concise, and a true expert at what she does. I have very sensitive teeth and she always takes a gentle approach to make sure that I am not in any discomfort or pain. Dr. Kumra Orthodontics honestly has the best orthodontists who are professional, experts in their talent and above all treat their patients like family! Dr. Mina is AMAZING and I am so glad that I found this gem of an office.

★★★★★ By Nima G. from Yelp

My first clinical experience here was exceptional. The standout element was the personalized care that I received. Dr. Kumra is highly skilled at his practice and demonstrated an unparalleled focus on patient-centric services, going the extra mile to address my specific situation and meet my needs during our morning appointment. He devoted ample time to thoroughly explain my treatment options and each component of the treatment plan, doing so in a manner that was both patient, straightforward, and transparent. Dr. Kumra will also go out of his way to put a smile on the faces of all of his patients, including myself. The entire team was welcoming and genuinely interested in providing the best patient experience. This office operates very efficiently, showing a clear respect for patients’ time. Overall, I would highly recommend this office for all of your orthodontic needs in the greater DC area.

★★★★★ By Dhakkiyyah Lee from Google Maps

I came here after doing braces as a kid and knew that the job wasn’t all the way done. From the moment I came into the offices I have felt such overwhelming love and kindness. Everyone at Dr. Kumra is knowledgeable, engaging and always looking for you to have the brightest smile possible. I’ve never felt like a number often coming in for check ups and them remembering so many of my silly stories and wanting to know more. I’m so happy to be almost done but sad the time ends so soon.

★★★★★ By Ryan Paugh from Google Maps

If you’re in the DMV and looking for an orthodontist, you can end the search — Kumra is the best dental experience I have had in my life, bar none.

Ultra modern office, all the latest tech, and I’m often in and out in unprecedentedly short times.

On top of being highly competent, Dr. Abdolahi has the most incredibly warm, energetic, positive and personable energy — to the point that I actually look FORWARD to visits with her! I honestly can’t recommend Kumra enough for all orthodontic needs!

★★★★★ By Kelly Haney from Google Maps

I went to Kumra Orthodontics after reading many of these incredible reviews, and I’m very happy to be adding yet another 5 star one! From start to finish my visit was outstanding. When I walked in the door I was greeted warmly and waited less than 2 minutes before Dr. Abdolahi called me back. She listened intently to my concerns and explained what the evaluation would entail, which included state of the art x-rays and photos. Every team member I interacted with was full of personality and seemed very happy to be there. After the evaluation, Dr. Abdolahi spent a significant amount of time with me explaining the details of my situation and how, unfortunately, I would need more than orthodontics to correct my underlying issues. Even though I was not a candidate for orthodontics, she spent additional time explaining in detail things that I could talk to my dentist about regarding cosmetic options. She even gave me written notes to take back to my dentist. I was especially wowed but the fact that the evaluation was free, yet I was still treated like a star patient. These days it’s extremely rare to have a 100% positive experience anywhere, especially in a medical setting, but Kumra Orthodontics provided this for me with ease.

★★★★★ By Ankit Chandnani from Google Maps

I’ve had an excellent experience here at Kumra Orthodontics. They helped me fix my overbite with ease and assisted me throughout the process with all my questions and concerns answered. I highly recommend coming here for any Invisalign you would like to be performed. All the staff are very sweet and welcoming.

★★★★★ By Jennette D. from Google Maps

Since July 2021, I started my journey to healthy straight teeth. I began to notice the imperfections in my teeth during video calls, coupled with the fact that I never smiled in pictures. Understanding that there is never a guarantee or a promise, Dr. Kumra and his staff took me under their wings, resulting in a great smile October 2023. My best advice is, not to worry about the cost or the time, but enjoy the journey to the end result. There were many times that I lost my teeth and/or broke them, and the staff was always there to laugh with me and support my foolery, which was always welcomed. Thanks Again, as the best referral is one of pure experience.

★★★★★ By Esther from Google Maps

Dr. Kumra and Dr. Mina are both personable, transparent with the process, and overall very skilled professionals. I was treated for corrective retainers after my Invisalign, and my teeth have never looked better. I’m so happy with my smile! On top of that, Mareville went above and beyond to resolve some insurance claim issues for me. The entire dental team and office staff are top notch. Thank you, Kumra Ortho!

★★★★★ By Fumnanya Obi-Rapu from Google Maps

I had a great experience at Kumra! All of the employees in the office are kind and attentive. Dr. Mina Abdolahi did an amazing job correcting my bite and alignment. I also appreciate how at the end of the treatment I was given a molding of my teeth in case of any future incidents. 10/10 and would definitely recommend their services!

★★★★★ By Jacqueline McKie from Google Maps

Kumra has done an excellent job! From the beginning to the end. All of my concerns were addressed and they walked me through each step. The staff is amazing, very kind, quick and efficient. I will certainly recommend Kumra Orthodontics to anyone in the future. Thank you all for all that you do!

★★★★★ By Shanti Sapkota from Google Maps

I came in for a consultation on removing my Invisalign and I was automatically greeted by the nicest staff I have ever met! Dr. Kumra was very personable and was actually able to perform the removal the same day and was very patient. I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone 🙂

★★★★★ By Mitra Shah from Google Maps

Dr. Mina and Dr. Kumra are all around amazing people and amazing at what they do! My family and I are so pleased with the results. They are honest, which in my experience can be hard to find in the dental field. They both took the time to make sure we understood the treatment process and were very clear about what to expect at the end of treatment. They always took extra time to answer my questions and even let me come in early one day to accommodate my work schedule. The office is top notch and always clean; the free coffee and wifi in the waiting room isn’t bad either lol. I highly recommend!

★★★★★ By Shannon Vitale from Google Maps

We were in DC for vacation when my daughter’s expander broke and was just hanging in her mouth. We found Kumra Orthodontics and they got us in immediately and took care of the situation quickly without any issues.

Everyone was so kind and helpful and it was so comforting to have that help and kindness in a stressful situation so far from home. I wish they were our regular orthodontists. HIGHLY recommend.
Thank you so very much!!!

★★★★★ By Hope Ajayi from Google Maps

I have to give 5 stars to Kumra Ortho. Not only for perfecting my teeth (this was my third attempt after visiting other practices) but also for the practice’s patience and understanding with me as patient. Dr. Kumra has clearly mastered the art of customer service, employs very competent and good natured staff and 10/10, I would definitely recommend.

★★★★★ By Stacy Lee from Google Maps

Best experience with dental treatment EVER! Never expected I’d want to have my teeth straightened (again) in my 60s. Just wish I’d done it sooner. Dr. Mina Abdolahi has been wonderful and, believe it or not, I’m actually going to miss my visits to Kumra. Also, a shout out to Mareville in billing who made sure everything went smoothly with my insurance!

★★★★★ By Lauren Miyares from Google Maps

If I could give 10 stars I would. This is by far the most well run healthcare practice I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. From the very beginning the entire staff was kind, compassionate and attentive. All of my concerns were addressed flawlessly and completely. I am truly sad my treatment is completed and that I will no longer be seeing these wonderful people. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it!

★★★★★ By Roni Alva from Google Maps

Dr Mina Abdolahi and Dr Kumra were willing to listen and help me with my needs. Always attentive and professional. After I had some concerns regarding the final result, I gave them an honest feedback and I was brought back in. I was promised they will do as much as they can to help me. This is the first time I have gotten this type of great service from a provider. With two convenient locations, it is easy to make appointments for days of the week that works best for their patient. Their waiting area is impecable and has drink options for you to enjoy while you wait. I recommend Kumra Orthodontist.

Who is Kumra Orthodontics?

Kumra Orthodontics has earned a reputation as the most reliable orthodontist in Stafford, VA and Washington, DC, serving patients from all over the region. Our orthodontic clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to every one of our patients. Our guarantee of dental health maintenance ensures that your teeth are properly cared for while you are undergoing dental treatments. Whether you are simply passing through our doors or have received services from us, we guarantee that you will leave with a big smile on your face.

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Retainers are required to keep your teeth perfectly aligned after orthodontic treatment. If you already have retainers, schedule an appointment to check them to see if they need to be repaired or adjusted. Although we recommend that you have your teeth evaluated if you haven’t already done so, we can provide you with new retainers to help you maintain your smile if you’ve previously worn braces.


The Invisalign system will straighten your teeth without leaving any gaps or exposing any of your teeth.  This is because of the advanced treatment design software and sequential clear aligners that we use.

Traditional Braces

The number one goal of our clinic is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Our braces are smaller than before, providing precision teeth alignment while being less noticeable and more comfortable.

iTero Digital Scanning

We can capture a thorough and accurate 3D model of your teeth and gums using our cutting-edge iTero Element Scanner, which eliminates the need for messy putty and allows us to treat you more quickly.

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