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Kumra Orthodontics is committed to cultivating a culture of trust and dedication among its patients. In recognition that your smile is a direct reflection of our practice, we pledge to maintain the highest levels of competence and professionalism.

We are committed to providing patients with the best possible care. Your feedback is extremely valuable in helping us improve our services.

Here are some of the best reviews we’ve collected from our review sites for this year.

Top 20 Reviews from Yelp and Google Map Profile for 2021

★★★★★ By Jorge Fanjul from Google Map

I moved to DC from NYC almost 3 years ago without having finished my Invisalign treatment. I was looking for an orthodontist to pick up where I’d left off and get me back on track to getting the smile I always wanted. Dr. Mina was so good about understanding my situation and answered all of my questions. We made a plan TOGETHER and I always felt a part of the process. Then during my treatment the pandemic hit and they made every effort to take care of me, while keeping me on track and safe. My experience was exemplary and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you Dr. Mina & Dr. Kumra!

★★★★★ By Bonerge Rubio from Google Map

Kumra orthodontics always provides the best client service and spectacular experience. Super friendly and attentive. Always ready to answer any questions I have and make accommodations when needed. Every single person from the moment I walk in welcomes me like I’m family, I highly recommend that if you are seeking teeth straightening service to come here. You’ll get that gorgeous smile and corrected bite you’ve dreamed of all from a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals. Love coming here and they’ve truly made my journey to a gorgeous smile even more exciting.

★★★★★ By Vera Kiefer from Yelp

Hands down, the ✨best✨ orthodontist in the game. Dr. Kumra and Dr. Mina are both so kind, attentive, and invested in giving you the perfect smile. They really get to know their patients and they have gone above and beyond to keep everyone safe and healthy during these challenging times. Cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Kumra Orthodontics!!

★★★★★ By Pablo Flower from Google Map

Wonderful experience here at Kumra Orthodontics!! As a college student, I came in looking for an affordable, yet professional experience to help align my teeth back up. I was blown away by the professional and caring attitude of the staff where I was consulted (free of charge), and given an incredibly affordable action plan. I look forward to coming back and I wish them success!

★★★★★ By Diamond Wells from Google Map

I have been going to Kumar Orthodontics for over two years now, and I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable at a Dr office ever. Both the staff and the doctors are incredibly helpful and the cost is extremely affordable. If you need to go to an orthodontics in the future I highly recommend this place ( also my teeth look great).

★★★★★ By CB Tobin from Google Map 

I can’t adequately express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Kumra & Dr. Mina for their extraordinary service.

I was visiting the DC area from out of state when I experienced a dental emergency that required immediate attention just two days before my daughter’s wedding.

A family member suggested I contact Dr. Kumra to see if he could help. He responded promptly to my after hours email and arranged for me to meet Dr. Mina at their nearest office location early the following morning. Dr. Mina was amazing! She successfully repaired my tooth and within 20 minutes, I was good to go!

Upon returning home to my regular dentist,

I explained the extraordinary experience I had with Kumra Orthodontics. He was not only surprised that they were willing to see me since I was not a current patient, but described the quality of their work as nothing short of excellent!

I am extremely grateful to the Kumra team for their exceptional service and outstanding care!

I can’t thank them enough!

★★★★★ By Noriega Jones from Google Map

Awesome experience as always. I love energy of the office very familial and friendly, very easy to be yourself in a world where everyone looks the same. Now onto the work itself the whole staff from TOP to BOTTOM spectacular, and skilled to the best job they can for their patients; smiles abundant. Very grateful to come into a place where the PROFESSIONALS love what they do and do a great job while enjoying it. 1000/10 would highly recommend. :))))

★★★★★ By Hellem Hernandez from Google Map

When I researched a reputable ortho in the DC area I came across Kumra Orthodontics. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive because of their impeccable reviews (too good to be true?), however, I did go in for a free consultation. It’s been two years since I began my treatment and I am more than pleased with my results. Their entire staff is friendly and welcoming. Both Dr. Kumra & Dr. Mina have always gone above and beyond to ensure that I’ve had a pleasant experience. They are truly extraordinary! Well-deserved five stars! 🤩

★★★★★ By Camila Thompson from Google Map

I highly recommend Dr. Bob Kumra and his office! I was visiting DC when I had an issue with my permanent metal retainer and reached out to his office to see if I could have an emergency appointment. The could not have been more accommodating. They were very transparent about the insurance process/costs (which were very reasonable) ahead of the appointment and fit me in. Dr. Kumra did a great job quickly repairing my retainer to ensure I was pain free. His waiting area is a very nice space and the whole team is clearly dedicated to making orthodontics appointments a pleasant and efficient experience.

★★★★★ By Andrew Wu from Google Map

Dr. Kumra and Dr. Abdolahi are truly a class act. Be it their unending patience in addressing questions, their undeniable expertise in their work, or their consistent and genuine kindness with every interaction, they embody what it means to create a patient-oriented practice. Shoutout to the fantastic team as well, that has made every trip a seamless experience.

If you’re reading this and shopping for an orthodontist in DC, pause your search right now and set up a consultation with them. You won’t be disappointed.

★★★★★ By Paula Johnson from Google Map

I don’t know where to begin but I am going to say this – my daughter and I were very impressed during her first visit and I felt as if I were visiting family – that’s the aura you feel from Dr. Mina, Marybell, young lady at the front desk, the assistants and Dr. Kumra.  They are so welcoming, honest and extremely helpful.  I’m not a big review writer but when you get the service my daughter has received, trust me, you would  write a review too.  My daughter is very happy and we both are thankful and grateful for them.  I see why they have 5 reviews – it should be 100 stars. I dId not know services like this existed.  Thank you Dr. Kumra and Dr. Mina!!!

★★★★★ By Ayana Brooks from Google Map

THE BEST!! I came here transferring from another orthodontist, (her practice was shut down). I wish I would’ve found Kumra first!! i had no problems transferring!! everyone here is great!! they make sure you have the best experience when you come. i wouldn’t send anyone anywhere else!!

★★★★★ By Katherine Ferguson from Google Map

I was beyond impressed with the team at Kumra. They were transparent about what was feasible with treatment and patient with my many questions. I also moved from DC during my treatment which made appointments more logistically challenging and the team was super accommodating. But what stood out most was how helpful Dr. Mina was when I had braces trouble hundreds of miles away. She went above and beyond and it made all the difference. And my teeth look awesome!

★★★★★ By Max Richter from Google Map

If you’re looking for an orthodontist who genuinely listens to your needs and creates a thorough action plan, this is the place for you! All the office staff is so kind and they run a lean, on-time operation. The professionalism and care dedicated to each patient is second to none and I am very grateful for the service and care that I received. At my initial consultation the staff listened to my needs and offered fantastic options for care. I went with the clear aligners for my treatment and they are working very well! Special thanks to Doctor Kumra, Doctor Meena, and the entire office staff for their work.

★★★★★ By Chris DeSha from Google Map

I am very pleased with the level of service I receive.  The billing process is very efficient.  The staff explains everything in great detail throughout the entire process.  I’m pleased with the progress being made with my aligners.  Dr. Kumra has been able to get molars to move other ortho said they could do nothing for.  I highly recommend.

★★★★★ By Oren O. from Yelp

Absolutely the best!  I came here seeing previous reviewers posting nothing but 5 star reviews and I to have experienced nothing but the best treatment here. They have worked with me to correct cross bite and over bite and shortly I will have perfect teeth!  I wish all Dr offices were run like this  and treated there customers this great!

★★★★★ By Kate H. from Yelp

I had put off Invisalign for years but finally decided to take the plunge in December 2019. So glad I went with Kumra Orthodontics in DC. Dr Kumra and his staff are kind, professional and run a really well oiled ship. Appointments are on time, and they’ve had good Covid protocols through the pandemic. I mostly saw Dr Abdolahi, and really liked her calm, upbeat approach. I have a little dental anxiety and she and the techs were always very kind and patient if I needed a break during an appointment. My teeth look great and I’m really happy I decided to do Invisalign.

★★★★★ By Andrian A. from Yelp

I do not even know where to begin regarding how amazing Kumra Orthodontics is! It has been my dream to transform my smile. Dr. Kumra understood this and made sure to make it happen. This is such a diverse staff who all are very knowledgeable and professional, yet they find away to have fun and truly treat you as family. I am so pleased with the results of completing my Invisalign treatment and I am confident that it was such a great experience because of Kumra Orthodontics!

★★★★★ By Leslie M. from Yelp

I have only wonderful things to say about Kumra Orthodontics! I am finishing up Invisalign with Dr. Bob and his team. From my first appointment to post treatment appointments, I always felt welcomed and comfortable with the entire staff. It feels like everyone is genuinely excited to see you and is rooting with you throughout your orthodontic journey. I got to know technicians and they would ask about things I had shared with them during previous appointments weeks prior, like how planned vacations had gone. It is clear that you are more than just a patient at Kumra – you are cared about and valued as an individual.

I had a difficult case in that I wanted my orthodontist to keep a small gap in my front two teeth. It is how I know and love my smile and while I wanted to reduce further spread of my other teeth, I didn’t want to lose that specific trait. Many other orthodontists I interviewed were at best hesitant to take on the challenge, but Dr. Kumra was more than happy to work with me and discuss my options to achieve my dream smile.

I could not be happier with my results and highly recommend Kumra Orthodontics!

★★★★★ By Timothy B. from Yelp

I went to Kumra Orthodontics to get fitted for Invisalign. From the time I called the office the service has been great. The receptionist Francine is always in a pleasant mood and does not hesitate to flash her beautiful smile upon your arrival.

The staff is top notch. Jennifer () and Iris are always a pleasure to be around. They do their jobs quickly without making you feel rushed, and always have nice conversation while doing what needs to be done. Even Merribell who handles the finances makes paying for my liners a nice experience. But what about the doctor(s)?

Well! Dr. Kumra is really good at his what he does.  He’s personable, knows his craft and provides everything and more that a good orthodontist should. You can tell he’s good at what he does two ways. 1) Everyone in the waiting room is smiling (before and after their appointments!) 2) His staff seems happy to be at work. Dr. Kumra even has an exceptionally high caliber associate. Dr. Mina!

I saw Dr. Mina for my most recent visit and check up. It was a fantastic experience. Dr. Mina was great! She came in and immediately made me feel as if we were old friends, but friends that recognize a job needs to be done. Oh yes, she went right to work, but I didn’t feel like she was working. I felt like she was helping me feel and look better, and enjoying herself while she did. She’s awesome! She knows her profession, is quick with a warm smile and laugh and really seems to delight in what she does, which let’s you know she’s going to give you her best, not because she has to but because she wants to!

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Kumra Orthodontics has earned a reputation as the most reliable orthodontist in Stafford, Virginia, and Washington, DC, serving patients from all over the region. Our orthodontic clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to every one of our patients. Our guarantee of dental health maintenance ensures that your teeth are properly cared for while you are undergoing dental treatments. Whether you are simply passing through our doors or have received services from us, we guarantee that you will leave with a big smile on your face.

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Retainers are required to keep your teeth perfectly aligned after orthodontic treatment. If you already have retainers, schedule an appointment to check them to see if they need to be repaired or adjusted. Although we recommend that you have your teeth evaluated if you haven’t already done so, we can provide you with new retainers to help you maintain your smile if you’ve previously worn braces.


The Invisalign system will straighten your teeth without leaving any gaps or exposing any of your teeth.  This is because of the advanced treatment design software and sequential clear aligners that we use.

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The number one goal of our clinic is to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Our braces are smaller than before, providing precision teeth alignment while being less noticeable and more comfortable.

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We can capture a thorough and accurate 3D model of your teeth and gums using our cutting-edge iTero Element Scanner, which eliminates the need for messy putty and allows us to treat you more quickly.

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