Braces Timeline: Understanding How Long Your Braces Will Take

The duration of traditional braces treatment in adults varies according to the severity of the alignment issues. Adults, on average, require more time than children to attain the desired orthodontic results. It is because our mouth tissues become less flexible with age. Although some adults may attain their desired outcomes in as short as six months or as long as three years, the average adult will require braces for approximately two years.

In this article, we’ll discuss the braces timeline in case you are considering getting one! 



Consultation is the first appointment with the orthodontist. They will examine your teeth and evaluate what has to be done to straighten them and if you might benefit from orthodontic treatment at all.

Your first encounter with braces occurs long before any metal is used. We consult with you to determine the severity of your bite, alignment, and spacing issues.

Prepare to undergo various examinations, including X-rays and a bite analysis. In preparation for braces, we may recommend that you seek further dental care to address specific dental conditions such as cavities or extractions. After concluding that braces are the best solution for you, we present several treatment options.

We recognize that braces can occasionally interfere with your daily routine, especially if you must wear them for an extended period. Our braces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your lifestyle and requirements. From here on, we design your treatment plan. 

For instance, you can opt for classic metal braces on the outside of your teeth, clear braces that are less apparent, lingual braces placed on the rear of your teeth, or self-ligating braces that do not require elastic bands.

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Getting your Braces

Before receiving braces, make sure you brush and floss your teeth! For the majority of patients, the operation is completely painless. If you’d like to pass the time during your bonding visit, you could bring some music. The visit is expected to last approximately two hours.

Your orthodontist will first place a device that keeps your mouth dry and your tongue in place. After drying your teeth, they will apply an etchant to prepare the tooth surface for bonding. Following that, the braces will be fitted on your teeth with a special adhesive that will keep them in place during your therapy. A curing light will harden and seal the adhesive. Finally, the orthodontist will thread the archwire through the braces and secure it with ligature bands (unless you have chosen self-ligating braces, no further bands are required). 

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Oral Care Discussion

While the orthodontist may discuss basic bracket care at the consultation, he will likely go into detail on how to brush your teeth, what type of toothpaste to use, and may even supply special toothbrushes to clean your teeth and brackets simpler. Small spindle brushes are frequently used to clean around brackets and between the wire and your teeth. We must always prioritize oral health.

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Initial Alignment

Braces are usually worn for the first few months to align the teeth, and your orthodontist will normally try to shift the teeth into the proper position during this time. They accomplish this by placing brackets on the teeth and connecting them with an archwire.

Together, these factors exert gradual pressure on the teeth, resulting in alterations to the periodontal structures of your jaw that support your teeth.

This essentially means that changes occur behind the scenes, with bone on one side of a tooth being reabsorbed and new bone mass forming on the other (deposition). This initial straightening period looks to be very brief and, once completed, is followed by a longer period of correcting any biting abnormalities and keeping the tooth position.

Follow-up Appointments

After receiving your braces, you will have around 4-8 weeks to adjust to them before your first follow-up session. These routine adjustments occur far more quickly than the process of receiving braces in the first place. Your orthodontist will monitor your development and replace any worn bands or archwires with fresh ones. This is the ideal moment to switch up your color scheme if you desire!

Throughout your therapy, adjustment appointments may be recommended every 4-8 weeks. Because the archwire will be replaced, minor discomfort is expected for a few days – but this is only temporary. If you are concerned, speak with your orthodontist about possible ways to alleviate your discomfort.

Removing Your Braces

When the orthodontist removes your braces, they will use tools to remove the wire and the brackets by slightly bending the bracket and loosening the bond. Your dentist will remove any adhesive on your teeth to reveal your beautiful smile. This session will likely last approximately 30 minutes, as the dentist will need to ensure that no residue from the glue has been left behind, as additional impressions will be taken. We will need to ensure that your teeth are fit and healthy to be displayed.

You’ve gone to great lengths to get the smile of your dreams, but it’ll take a little extra work to keep it that way. We fit you with a retainer to assist your teeth in remembering their new position, as they will be tempted to revert to their previous positions.

All you have to do is follow our retainer instructions, wear them as recommended, and take care of them to maintain a beautiful smile that will last far longer than your braces did.

Avoid becoming discouraged by a lengthy braces procedure. From your initial consultation through the day we remove your braces, we’re here to help you along the way and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

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Braces can help address orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth and misaligned teeth. Different treatment options can help you achieve your goal of straight teeth. 

If you’re considering braces, it’s important to understand the treatment timeline and what to expect. The complete treatment timeline and cost of orthodontic treatment are usually outlined during a free consultation. Usually, orthodontic treatment takes one to three years, with regular appointments every four to ten weeks. 

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