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With over 15 years of experience, Kumra Orthodontics is one of the most esteemed orthodontic practices in Brookland, DC. We provide outstanding orthodontic care and utilize the most advanced technologies and techniques to get the best possible outcomes for our patients. We recognize that each patient is unique, which is why we offer a range of treatment alternatives to meet their specific requirements.

In addition to exceptional customer service standards, Kumra Orthodontics also offers flexible payment options, which allow families on any budget access to the important dental health services they need without having to worry about financial constraints getting in their way.

Features We Provide

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Schedule an appointment with us to learn how we can help improve your smile! We are committed to providing patients with personalized service tailored to their unique needs. Our caring staff is dedicated to ensuring that each patient has a pleasant experience throughout the entire process. We value communication and will address any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment plan. 

Consultation with our doctors

At Kumra Orthodontics, we provide comprehensive and high-quality orthodontic care to help you achieve that perfect smile. Our team of experienced doctors meticulously assesses each patient’s unique dental situation to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to their individual needs.

Post-treatment check-up

When you choose Kumra Orthodontics, you partner with a practice that is committed to providing quality orthodontic care. We offer a wide range of orthodontic services to meet the needs of all our patients. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all areas of orthodontics, from diagnosis, and treatment plans through post-treatment follow-ups. 

Orthodontics Services We Offer in Brookland

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments for correcting misaligned teeth. They are often used for more severe alignment issues, such as crooked or overlapped teeth. Traditional braces feature brackets that are glued to the front of each tooth and connected with elastic bands by a wire running along the length of your teeth.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses a computer-generated mold to realign or correct teeth that are growing or have alignment problems. Apart from being virtually invisible due to its transparent nature, one great advantage that comes with Invisalign braces is they can be removed while eating or during brushing activities. This gives you flexibility regarding hygiene maintenance and diet choice without worrying about trapping food particles between brackets.


Retainers are orthodontic devices that are worn in the mouth to hold teeth in their new, straightened position. Retainer therapy helps maintain the improvements achieved by orthodontic treatment for a longer period of time. Retention is usually needed for 6 months to 1 year after the treatment depending on the individual case complexity. Still, it sometimes can be extended up to 3 years or more depending upon the patient’s age, type of treatment done, and condition or growth pattern at the completion stage. 

iTero Digital Scanning

The iTero digital scanning is a cutting-edge technology that helps dentists achieve superior patient results. It produces high-definition digital impressions that are easily transferred to 3D software systems used in laboratories to design customized restorations or aligners that fit perfectly within your mouth’s unique shape. This means you will have smoother fitting appliances made out of superior materials with better results than ever before possible!

Treatments For All Ages

Kumra Orthodontics is the perfect choice for your orthodontic needs because we provide treatment for patients of all ages. We are proud to offer top-notch orthodontic care that caters to patients of all ages, so no matter your specific needs, we have a solution for you.

Affordable Orthodontic Services

At Kumra Orthodontics, we offer exceptional orthodontic care at a reasonable price. We employ cutting-edge technology and treatment procedures to ensure that each patient receives the best care possible.

We recognize that orthodontic treatment can be costly; consequently, we offer a variety of payment plans to make our services more accessible to everyone. We also accept the majority of major insurance carriers.

State-of-the-art Technology

Here at Kumra Orthodontics, we ensure that our patients provide the best quality care through state-of-the-art technology. Our equipment ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment every time, allowing us to customize your treatment plan perfectly to meet your needs.

Relaxed environment

Kumra Orthodontics is your perfect choice for a DC orthodontist! Here, you can find top-notch care from expertly trained professionals in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Our office prides itself on providing individualized attention with an emphasis on patient comfort and education; we want to ensure that all our patients understand their treatment plans and are confident in their results. 

15 Years of Earned Reputation

When considering which orthodontist you should choose for your needs in DC, look no further than Kumra Orthodontics. With over 15 years of earned reputation, we are the go-to practice for incredibly reliable and effective orthodontic treatments. Our team consists of dedicated professionals that strive to provide each patient with a comprehensive and personalized experience to help achieve the best possible results.

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