Braces Washington DC

If you are looking for a braces provider in the Washing DC area trust Dr. Bob Kumra and the team at Kumra Orthodontics. Dr. Kumra proudly offers a variety of orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages. Patients of Dr. Kumra and the team at Kumra Orthodontics always have more positive treatment experiences and more successful outcomes!

Braces Washington DC

How Braces Work

A little pressure goes a long way! They are comprised of several parts that work together to apply pressure to move the teeth, and they each play a specific role to help straighten the teeth. The brackets are the small square pieces that attach firmly to the front of the teeth. The brackets act as an anchor for the archwires. The archwires are the metal wires that stretch over the row of teeth. They help to guide the movement of the teeth, pulling them gently to the right position and order. The elastics or rubber bands, if they are indicated, are attached to hooks, and they work between the upper and lower teeth to achieve proper alignment. All of these components together allow braces from Kumra Orthodontics in Washington DC to help patients attain straight teeth and better alignment.

Types of treatments:

Traditional Metal Brackets

Clear ceramic brackets

Lingual Brackets

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