Your First Visit at Kumra Orthodontics – What to Expect!

Currently considering your options for you or your child’s orthodontic needs? Kumra Orthodontics has quickly risen in popularity to become one of the most sought-after orthodontic service providers in both the Stafford, Virginia and Washington, DC areas – and by taking advantage of our complimentary consultations, you’ll get a sense of why we’re known for our knowledge, warmth, and effective treatment.

Setting up Your Consultation

No one should be expected to trust a care provider they have no experience with. Your first consultation is always complimentary – we want to make sure that you or your kids have an option to meet with Dr. Kumra or Dr. Mina to discuss your treatment goals, expectations, and roadblocks.

Scheduling that first consultation is quick and easy – simply fill out this
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At the Consultation

After the initial meet & greet, our first goal will be performing an initial assessment by analyzing your teeth. This is done through our scans, x-rays, and photos to ensure that we get a full picture (no pun intended) of what your teeth currently look like. We want to be sure we identify not only existing issues, but potential hiccups during treatment down the line.

This is also a great time for you to raise your own concerns with your treatment – such as expected timeline, methods you would like to avoid, and pros and cons to various approaches and treatment methods. Whether we’re looking at using clear aligners, Invisalign, or traditional braces, we’ve got you covered.

After a thorough analysis and discussion, we’ll move on to the formation of various treatment plans. We’ll try to create these to fit within your own means and preferences, but if they’re not to your liking we can collaborate to discover other options. Then, it’s on to the creation of an awesome payment plan – one that incorporates your dental insurance as well as any additional dental financing options you might want to utilize.

Our goal at Kumra Orthodontics is to create solutions that leave our clients as happy as possible with their dental treatment. After your complimentary consultation, it’ll be up to you to decide when you want to start the treatment. Regardless of when you begin, within a few short weeks we’ll have you set up on your orthodontic journey.

The Future of Virginia and Washington Orthodontics

We understand that your first visit, and even the idea of addressing your dental work at all, can be nerve-wracking. We’ve streamlined our process to make it as painless as possible – and that includes our treatment options as well. We want to align the smiles of people of all ages in the Stafford, Virginia and Washington, DC areas – and we’re doing it one mouth a time.

Let us get you or your children checked out ASAP!