The Best Orthodontist in Washington DC

The Best Orthodontist in Washington DC | Kumra Orthodontics

The first thing people notice about you is your teeth. To make an excellent first impression, it’s necessary to have a pleasant grin. When a person has an excellent first impression, they are more likely to be given the opportunity to apply for jobs.

In addition to a bright smile, a person’s self-assurance is highly prized by people worldwide. If you’re afraid to display your teeth, it’s hard to speak boldly. Confidence is boosted by having a set of straight teeth.

Learn where to pick the best orthodontist in Washington D.C. by reading this list.  The pursuit of an appealing smile is not impossible for those lacking in it naturally.  An orthodontist is essential to achieving a beautiful smile. 

Capitol Orthodontics  

The treatment provided by Capitol Orthodontics is cutting-edge, utilizing the most up-to-date methods and equipment to give each patient the most beautiful smile possible.

Dr. Andrew Schwartz, a board-certified orthodontist, customizes each patient’s treatment plan based on their specific clinical and personal needs. Individuals can expect to receive the most beautiful, healthy outcomes in a time-efficient and comfortable manner from him.

He has built an orthodontic clinic that combines professionalism and personal care with the help of his talented staff. To ensure the best possible treatment for the patients, they tightly limit the number of patients we accept at any given moment.

Shefferman Orthodontics

Dr. Shefferman has supervised the treatment of over 2,400 Invisalign patients. That’s ten times as much experience as the average Invisalign Provider has! Having worked as a consultant for several dentists in the D.C. area, Dr. Shefferman’s expertise and assistance have improved the quality of Invisalign treatment in the dental community.

As a result, Dr. Shefferman maintains his clinical expertise by completing more than six times the yearly requirement of 80 hours of continuing education each year.

Shefferman Orthodontics can provide you with the most comprehensive care possible because of their tight collaboration with the foremost experts in cosmetic dentistry and other specialty areas. They feel that the best orthodontic results can only be achieved via a combination of technical expertise and effective communication.

Teamwork and organization are necessary to keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. Our sterilization processes are in accordance with OSHA and the American Dental Association’s highest standards.

The Citi Health Card, in-house financing alternatives, and a five percent discount for payment in full upfront are all choices available to you.

Friendship Heights Orthodontics

Friendship Heights Orthodontics is well-known for providing first-rate care in a welcoming setting to children and adults alike. You can count on Dr. Murphy and her staff to assist you!

Friendship Heights Orthodontics wants you to feel at ease and confident that you will receive the attention and care you deserve at their clinic. If you’re looking for a dentist that will listen to you and handle your issues, you’ve come to the right place! In a nutshell, They pledge to treat you like royalty.

Infinity Orthodontics

With cutting-edge research and instruments, Infinity Orthodontics provides world-class orthodontic care to every patient. For their part, they are committed to delivering novel orthodontic solutions tailored to fit each patient’s specific demands. You can count on them to assist you in achieving the smile of your dreams, and they are grateful to be a part of it.

Behind-the-tooth braces, such as those provided by Infinity Orthodontics, are hidden on the backside of your teeth. Ceramic braces and transparent aligners can also be made to order using 3D printing technology. People who need a new smile but do not want the public to know they are getting treatment might benefit greatly from the variety of possibilities available through these procedures.

Adults who want a whiter smile but are worried about their looks throughout treatment can get aid from these professionals, and they would be delighted to do so. 

Kumra Orthodontics

Kumra Orthodontics has been the go-to orthodontist for Washington, D.C. residents for many years. We have built a reputation in Washington, D.C., unequaled by any other orthodontic office. Each member of the Kumra Orthodontics team is dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality service. We guarantee a smile from the moment you enter the building until you leave. If you’re looking for a reliable orthodontist in Washington, D.C., Kumra Orthodontics is here to help.

In our practice, Kumra Orthodontics, we take great joy in having a community that values trust and dedication. With our transparent orthodontic pricing, we endeavor to give dental professionals who are prepared to offer only the finest solutions for your unique circumstance while delivering fair and honest pricing.

Get in touch with us today to learn more. To ensure you are in good hands, refer to our article on how to find a good orthodontist.

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