Getting the Best Invisalign in Washington DC

Getting the Best Invisalign in Washington DC - Kumra Ortho

What is Invisalign for?

Digitally designed dental aligners, such as Invisalign, can solve a number of dental orthodontic challenges involving tooth alignment or jaw alignment. With Invisalign, you can address various alignment concerns, such as gaps between teeth, crowding, and overbites. 

Many of the same concerns that traditional braces can correct can be treated with Invisalign.

Is Invisalign better than getting normal braces?

Regardless of whether you have braces or Invisalign, changing your teeth’ alignment can be uncomfortable.

Traditional braces and Invisalign differ primarily based on the materials used to make them. Traditional braces are made of metal or enamel, whereas Invisalign braces are made of plastic. Because of the wires and metal used in braces, you risk injuring your cheeks if the wire becomes damaged if you are physically active. This can be exceedingly unpleasant and is sometimes only addressed by coming to see us. It is also vital to understand that braces are fixed and cannot be removed without our assistance. As a result, they can be challenging to clean and can be a nuisance at times.

With Invisalign treatments, you will be able to straighten your teeth without the hassle of traditional metal braces – this type of dental care takes an unconventional approach to aligning your teeth while remaining virtually undetectable.

Does Invisalign work permanently?

You may be confident that Invisalign treatment is permanent and will result in straighter teeth for the rest of your life if you follow the orthodontist’s instructions.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Invisalign 

Ensure better oral health

The biggest advantage of removable aligners over traditional braces is that they allow you to better care of your teeth. Cleaning your mouth is critical to maintaining your oral health – and at the end of your treatment, you want your teeth to be the healthiest possible. Bits of food and plaque become caught around and inside brackets with traditional braces, making appropriate cleaning difficult. If not taken care of properly, this can cause gum disease and possibly tooth decay.

The non-invasive scanning method 

Invisalign uses technological advancements to detail your teeth without using any intrusive methods. Most procedures will not even require traditional impressions, which involve a mouthful of goo. You can have your teeth scanned by your orthodontist without x-rays, impressions, or any other invasive procedure using 3D scanning technology. A professional will use these scans to produce your personalized aligners based on 3D printouts.

Providing more comfort

Compared to traditional braces, invisible aligners offer more precise control over teeth straightening. The aligners you wear during your treatment will gradually move your teeth horizontally, vertically, and rotationally until each tooth is in the correct position. These motions are timed meticulously to create the most pleasant sequence possible.

Less dental visits

Invisible aligners require fewer dentist visits, and your appointments are shorter and more pleasant. You will need to return every four to six weeks, but in the meantime, you will have a set of aligners to switch every one to two weeks. Because the aligners have already been designed and manufactured, you will not require any more dental work to have them straighten your teeth.

Shortened treatment duration

The advantage of using invisible aligners is that most treatments last for about a year. In most cases, people won’t even notice you have them on, thanks to their invisibility. Your treatment may take longer if you do not wear your aligners as much as possible or in the recommended manner.

Prevent other dental issues 

Other dental problems can be avoided by using invisible aligners. Leaving gum disease untreated can result in tooth loss and deterioration. It is possible for crooked teeth and irregular biting to cause sleep disorders like sleep apnea. You can avoid more severe dental problems by ensuring you have straightened your teeth using a detachable aligner that allows for good dental hygiene.

Things to Expect Before Undergoing Invisalign Treatment in Washington DC

Your aligners should be left in for as long as possible. 

The first step is straightforward: wear your Invisalign aligners for as long as possible every day. This is the only way you’ll see results, and it’s the greatest way to see them quickly.

The way you speak will need to be adjusted.

Invisalign has a few disadvantages, including the fact that it can affect your speech. The initial wearing of these will result in a slight lisp. Preparation is essential so that your response doesn’t come as a surprise. You can do nothing about it; it is simply a normal reaction to having these items in your mouth.

The length of the Invisalign treatment varies from person to person. 

Before beginning Invisalign, you should probably know how long the treatment will last. The average adult expects it to last for about a year on average. This will depend on the condition of your teeth and the amount of work that needs to be done. You may have only a few months of discomfort if you have slight teeth alignment issues or if one or two teeth are slightly out of place. Also, if your teeth are in poor condition, your treatment may last longer.

The results are faster than with metal braces.

Invisalign’s best feature is how quickly you can see results. In fact, most people notice them after a few months. However, this is only achievable if you wear your aligners for as long as possible every day.

Invisalign cannot be worn while eating.

Most individuals are surprised to find out that Invisalign requires them to follow a special diet. Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t an extreme diet that will drastically alter your lifestyle. Instead, it’s a list of items that you can and cannot consume while wearing aligners. You will also notice that metal braces have specific dietary restrictions as well, but using Invisalign, you can effortlessly remove your aligners while eating. Make sure you don’t eat anything while wearing them so they’ll last longer.

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A Complete Process of Getting Invisalign While in DC


Despite its ability to handle many orthodontic issues, there are certainly more complex conditions that Invisalign cannot address. Invisalign can correct several problems, including crowding, gapped teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

When a tooth is slanted or rotated excessively, it is difficult to straighten with Invisalign and when closing big gaps. Your orthodontist will evaluate your eligibility for Invisalign treatment during your first visit.

Treatment Plan

You will be asked for further information if clear aligners would help you. Your trays can then be manufactured. We’ll start by taking a few dental x-rays and taking photos of your face and smile. A 3-D replica of your mouth will be shown to us by our iTero Element Scanner (which will take a scan of your teeth). Some orthodontic practices still use gooey impression material, but Kumra Orthodontics uses digital impressions, which are quicker, easier, and more precise.

Wait for your aligners.

Your clear aligners will be sent to our office in a couple of weeks. You’ll come in for your initial placement appointment when they arrive. It is possible that we will need to adjust a few of your teeth depending on how your treatment is defined. 

Before we leave with your first set of trays, we will ensure you know how to put them in and take them out, which can take some practice. We’ll also show you how to care for your aligners and give you a couple of additional trays to work with.

After your unique aligners are created, you will wear each set for 20 to 22 hours per day, switching to a new set every 1 to 2 weeks, as prescribed by Dr. Kumra. 

Appointments for follow-up

Throughout your treatment with Invisalign, we will check on your progress periodically in our clinic. You may need to return to your previous set of trays on occasion, or we may need to modify certain “buttons” and make other minor adjustments.

Final corrections & refinements

Once you’ve completed all of your first trays, you may need to refine them. This means that there may still be a few modifications to be made in order to achieve the best results. The reason for refining is frequently because the teeth require more corrective movements during the Invisalign process to reach the final position. This is common since it is difficult to foresee every movement of your teeth at first.

In most circumstances, one to two refinements will be enough. We’ll take a new 3-D image of your teeth to create your refining aligners.

How much does Invisalign cost in Washington DC?

The cost of your Invisalign treatment is determined by a number of factors, including the extent of the difficulties you want to be fixed, the length of your treatment plan, and the precise treatment details advised by the doctor.

It is possible to qualify for Invisalign if your dental insurance covers orthodontic treatment. Find out what your insurance company will cover for your treatment by talking to your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting the Best Invisalign in Washington DC

How does Invisalign work?

With fixed wires, traditional braces align teeth by pulling them into alignment. Invisalign works by pressing teeth into alignment over the course of several months. This is a general description of Invisalign treatment

What Does a Day With Invisalign Look Like?

You might not even notice any significant differences between a day with Invisalign and a day without. If you receive your trays for the first time, you may experience increased salivation and lisping while you get used to talking around them, but this will quickly pass. In fact, you may remove your aligner trays for up to two hours every single day.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

Following the orthodontic treatment phase, you will be directed to the retention phase, where your results will be maintained after the treatment has ended. Retention involves wearing a retainer to keep your teeth in their ideal positions over time and reduce the possibility of normal changes to your teeth as you age.

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