Choose the Best Color for Your Braces

Compared to those who wore braces in the past, brace wearers today have a more extensive selection. With braces, you can pick your favorite color from a color wheel that contains multiple shades of every color in the rainbow. When it comes to colored braces, you have more options than ever before. From candy apple red to deep maroon, royal blue, or a pretty shade of teal, you have more options than ever before.

We are well aware of how many patients are concerned about selecting the best braces colors for themselves. The good news is that there is no such thing as a single correct color for braces! This decision is entirely up to you and can be tailored to your personal preferences.

You can choose from various colors, and most orthodontists will allow you to select more than one color at a time. We understand that this may appear to be a daunting task, so here are some suggestions to get you started:

Selecting your next best braces color

Trying to decide on a color for your next appointment but getting nowhere? Don’t worry. We’ve come up with some suggestions to help you make the best decision possible before sitting down in that chair.

Favorite color

The most obvious option is to choose a color that you already adore! You can create an eye-catching smile by combining your favorite colors.

Think about your career

Certain factors may influence your decision to wear certain colors. Bright colors such as neon green and bright orange may not be appropriate for individuals who work in corporate environments. Instead, you can decide on a more subtle color that your colleagues perceive as more professional.

Consider your wardrobe

The color of your braces should complement the colors in your wardrobe! Think about the colors you wear most often, and then choose the color that best suits your outfit! Adult patients frequently select a neutral shade similar to the shade of their enamel, making it easy to match their teeth with whatever outfit they’re wearing.

Holidays and events

St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, Christmas, and many other holidays have distinguished colors. Matching your braces to the color of the holiday you are approaching is a festive way to get in the holiday spirit. You can also consider matching the color of your braces with any special occasion, such as a wedding or graduation, for a stylish look.

Celebrate the change of season 

You can refer to your options with the change of season, for spring, pastel colors, bright colors and neons, oranges and reds for summer, and dark blues and purples for winter.

Show your support for a cause. 

Colors can be used to show support for a cause (such as pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

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What are the colors to avoid?

While colorful braces and rubber bands are a great way to show off your individuality and sense of style, there are some hues you should stay away from at all costs. The colors you choose should not give the impression that your teeth are stained or discolored or that food is stuck in them.

Keep in mind that your braces will be permanently attached to your teeth, so you’ll want them to look their best.

Extremely dark shades like black and dark brown, as well as light shades like yellow and white, can make your teeth appear stained.

Clear rubber bands will pick up the color of dark foods and beverages like coffee, tea, or colorful curries. Rubber bands in silver or gray, which match the metal brackets, or something neutral like navy or violet, are good if you want a subtle look that won’t get dirty.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Braces Colors

What if I’m stuck with my decision?

However, how can I be sure that my current feelings about the color of my braces indicate how I’ll feel in the future? Don’t worry; you’ll have another chance every 6-8 weeks when it’s time to get your braces adjusted. When you’re done, you can switch out the elastic bands to experiment with different color schemes. This means that you can show your appreciation for a special occasion by smiling. When it comes to color selection, some patients don’t hold back. You can always change your mind later.

How can I change the colors later?

In addition to the brackets and elastic and rubber bands that encircle the brackets, braces also have a number of other components. It’s the teeny-tiny elastic bands that let you customize your braces so that they match your smile. We’ll let you pick from a variety of hues on a color wheel. Some patients even get their color inspiration from the internet! 

Having difficulty deciding the best braces colors? Speak to Kumra Orthodontics about your options.

Don’t be afraid to request a different set of braces each time you visit the orthodontist. Ask a Kumra Orthodontics orthodontist for help if you’re not sure how to pick a color. To learn more about sprucing up your braces, give us a call today.