Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some of the fantastic reviews that our valued patients have left on Google, Yelp, and Facebook:

“Really nice guy with fantastic hours. I had to go in to get a new retainer because mine broke and luckily it was on a day he was in on Saturday, which was a life saver! It’s also been super easy to schedule appointments after work for any adjustments, and he was nice enough not to charge for those since they were such quick appointments.”

-Mackenzie G.

“Dr. Kumra is fantastic! He did my Invisalign treatment and he made the whole process incredibly easy. He was very accommodating with all of my needs and had a flexible schedule. My teeth look fantastic and I could have not asked for a better experience”

-Ali F.

“Dr. Kumra is definitely one of the best orthodontists I’ve gone to! I didn’t have an orthodontist in DC since I was only here for a few months, so when I came across such a welcoming orthodontic office I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone in the office was extremely kind and helpful and I’m grateful Dr. Kumra was able to work with my orthodontist back home to alleviate the pain with my braces. I highly recommend Dr. Kumra to everyone!”

-Rima P.

“I was referred to Dr. Kumra. Dr. Kumra is outstanding and his staff is wonderful. I went in for braces. Dr Kumra was very knowledgeable and detailed when explaining the process of getting braces. From the beginning Dr. Kumra and his staff were very professional. They were very flexible with appointments. When I came in my for an appointment at 8:30am, I was seen at 8:30 am. No waiting around an additional 10-15 mins. I was in in out and now i have a perfect set of braces!”

-Jessica K.

“I needed to come in to repair a broken permanent retainer and Bob squeezed me in for the next morning and was very thorough and fixed the problem and supplemented me with a fitted plastic retainer to prevent future problems. Per usual, I left happy and beyond satisfied. Bob’s knowledge and talent is unmatched. His and his staff’s demeanor are also unmatched. I love this place.”

-Mary H.

“Dr. Kumra is great! He was recommended to me by my dentist and I couldn’t be happier. My retainer broke and several teeth had moved, so he was able to set me up with Invisalign and after a few months my teeth are back to being straight :). I was always able to get an appointment that worked around my work schedule and Dr. Kumra was happy to answer any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. I highly recommend Dr. Kumra for your DC orthodontist!”

-Emily M.

“Dr. Kumra is great. Lost my retainer and he was able to fit me in for an appointment same day, and quickly fitted me for a new retainer. Retainer was ready within a week. If you are new to DC like me and without an orthodontist, this is the place to go. Would tell anyone I knew to come here.”

-Spence H.

“This is by far one of the greatest practices I have ever attended as far as Orthodontics goes! Dr. Bob makes you feel so comfortable and you can tell he genuinely cares about each and every one of his patients. He worked with my budget and I could not be happier with how things have turned out. I am forever grateful for my pearly whites thanks to Dr. Bob!! Definitely recommend.”

-Zulfia Ali M.

“Dr. Kumra has a state of the art facility that is equipped with all new technology that serves all of your needs. Dr. Kumra’s office is in the heart of DC and convenient for any emergencies or even routine work. He is an excellent doctor that takes the time to listen, addresses your needs, and doesn’t do any unnecessary work like other dentists. He works around your schedule and is always willing to accommodate you. I highly recommend Dr. Kumra and his work. I recently had Invisalign done at his office and couldn’t have been happier with the experience.”

-Saquib C.

“Dr. Kumra is fantastic! I didn’t have an orthodontist in DC, but I needed to see someone due to a broken permanent retainer. Not only was he able to schedule me immediately and take care of the problem, but he also took the time to carefully explain my options and answer all the questions I had. I felt extremely at-ease (not usually something people equate with having orthodontic work done), and I’m very pleased with the work he did. Overall a great experience and a great doctor. I definitely recommend Dr. Kumra. You can tell that he really cares about his patients.”

-Evan G.

“I was patient of Dr. Bob’s for over a year. He was awesome – he always worked around my schedule and fit me in even when a day was full.

He was very thorough in explaining the treatment process and I never felt uncomfortable at all. He always was sure to ask how the braces or retainers felt. He definitely is a listener and never rushes you out. Yolanda is one of the assistants and she’s top notch as well. She has a great sense of humor and really loves what she does. Dr Kumra is always upbeat and a has a great attitude.

I cant recommend him enough. Probably the very best orthodontist in the DC area! I am so happy with the results and my treatment probably was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself! :)”

-Eric G.

“We came here because my 7 year old had accidentally messed up his palate expander while we were visiting DC on vacation. I called them on a Friday afternoon in a bit of a panic since we were going to be on vacation for a while still and we needed to get this looked at right away. They were so very nice and stayed late to see us and fixed the problem. They even gave us some wax to hold us till we got home. Wow ,what amazing and unexpected service in a big city.”

-Tatiana G.

“Shortly after moving to DC my retainer broke. Dr. Kumra made me a new one for less than half the price other Orthodontists quoted me. He was super friendly and accommodating and seemed to genuinely care. He even offered to follow-up with me twice at no cost. I would highly recommend him for any orthodontia needs.”

-Harry K.

“I inherited Dr. Kumra following the retirement of my previous orthodontist and I could not be more pleased with the quality of his care. It’s a rare thing nowadays to get a doctor’s attention and focus. Dr. Kumra is personable and an excellent listener. He is thoughtful in his treatment. It’s obvious that the well-being of his patients is a high priority. His staff is also very friendly. The appointments are punctual and efficient. He sets a high bar for his profession and DC is lucky to have him. He is terrific!”

-Martha D.

“Dr Bob is the nicest most professional and caring orthodontist I’ve ever met. Best of all he isn’t just trying to take your money. My TMJ was causing me major win and his first priority was fixing the problem with out even asking for money. Ive since had braces and he is great at explaining the process and wiring with me on my budget. I highly recommend him and wish him all the best!”

-Rocky W.

“Was recommended to Dr. Kumra by my dentist and he was incredibly helpful! I was worried about the cost of getting my permanent retainer re-bonded on my tooth, and Dr. Kumra negotiated a more-than reasonable deal that coincided with my finances. He was very professional in his work and was thorough to describe the processes of how permanent retainers functionality and gave me his recommendations. The staff was very nice and willing to do what was best for their patients. I would recommend him to my friends!”

-Lauren N.

“Very helpful & professional . I was very pleased with Dr. Kumra’s services especially being able to offer me numerous ways to better assist me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome Orthodontist.
Secondly the staff possessed excellent customer service skills assisting patients with the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to Mareville for helping me and being kind even when I was in a rush!!!”

-Laquita K.

“Dr. Kumra was outstanding. He performed my procedure in literally 3 minutes. It’s always a pleasure to watch a professional at his favorite craft. Definitely recommend. P.S. Has a great sense of humor too!”

-Alex P.

“Same day service. Fixed problem quickly and for a good price. Office was clean and staff was helpful. The orthodontist explained everything very well. I would recommend him to anybody.”

-Ryan W.

“In my humble opinion, Dr. Kumra, a fellow Howard Bison, is the best orthodontist in the city! Dr. Kumra and staff are extremely welcoming and professional. The office is clean and comfortable making you feel at home during your ortho treatment. One can appreciate how Dr. Kumra and his team are extremely meticulous and explain everything in detail. Pricing is affordable and work is superb!”

Ronald B.

“Absolutely amazing! First off let me say that I am a new resident in DC. I am an out of state college student from Georgia. I had an issue with a broken appliance and after calling 10 different places, [explaining that my orthodontist was all the way in Atlanta] I found the number for Dr. Kumra’s office. He was the only one who agreed to help me. I was very impressed with the professional and honest service I was receiving. As a bonus perk of my visit, I expressed to Dr. Kumra that I am interested in orthodontics as a career and he was more than happy to spend 5 extra minutes on my appointment discussing school options and what steps to take towards dental school. Overall great experience and I left motivated!!! Highly recommend visiting Kumra Orthodonics.”

-Sianey W.

“Stafford location – Dr. Kumra was great! My permanent retainer broke and he was able to see me the same day and fix the issue. He goes to extra mile to help his patients, highly recommend!”

-Rachel A.

“Highly recommend Dr. Kumra – his practice is responsive (same day appointment without hassle), comfortable (free coffee/tea/water, clean, friendly staff), transparent (explained cost, insurance options clearly) and fairly priced (priced well below some other DC orthodontists I called). Overall excellent experience – you can’t go wrong with Dr. Kumra.”

-Blaise C.

“Dr. Kumra is the absolute best. His attention to detail is excellent and is really nice to talk with.I now have a smile I can be proud of. I would highly recommend Dr. Kumra to anyone.”

-Alcides C.

“I had a lower permanent retainer put in by another orthodontist break after 12 years. I sent in an appointment request with Kumra, and he called me personally to ask about my situation and schedule an appointment for the same day! I was amazed to get an appointment so quickly! The offices were clean and staff was very friendly. Dr. Kumra explained the procedure for removing and replacing my retainer, and did so promptly. I was in and out in less than an hour! He also recommended a follow up visit to check on the retainer, which also was very quick. Definitely recommend.”

-Liz L.

“I have never met a man so passionate about his work! I can confidently say that Dr. Kumra is the best orthotodontist in the area. I have been getting treatment from Dr. Kumra for several months now and he is not only diligent in his work, but also proves to bring forth the best results possible. I have been so happy and impressed with how my Invisilaign treatment has progressed and how great my teeth have been looking that I would wholeheartedly recommend him. He is honestly a great guy and completely humble and kind in nature. He actually takes the time to explain the treatment process to his patients step-by-step and is always available to answer any questions via text, phone-call, etc. I can not remember a single visit I’ve had here where I wasn’t welcomed with excitement and a warm smile. His commitment is just astounding and he clearly explains what his goals are for each visit, so I always know what to expect. Again, if you are looking for an orthotodontist who takes the time to listen to your case and performs earnestly towards both cost-effective and optimal results please look no further, Dr. Kumra is your man!”

-Raad K.